Bold and earthy with savory, herbal notes, ocean salinity, and a fresh finish.

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An evergreen gin distilled with endemic botanicals from both sides of the border that predate human interaction with the Las Californias territory.


Ubiquitous in cold oceans around the world, kelp brings us to the sea with salty, mineral and umami flavors. It provides a savory platform upon which the other botanicals in our Nativo blend can shine.

Californian Hops

Traditionally used in brewing, hops’ inherent bitterness, with soft notes of melon, helps open our palates to fully experience the complex flavor of Nativo.

White Sage

Considered sacred by North American indigenous tribes, sage is a waxy plant with potent savory, earthy flavors as well some minty and resiny character.

Californian Artemisia

An intense and oily plant with notes similar to rosemary and oregano, it represents the rich lushness of the forest of Las Californias.

Yerba Santa

Lending flavors of coriander and licorice with sweetness and a bit of spice, it adds depth and savory notes to the complex profile in Nativo.

California Juniper

Grown only in a very small region between Hollywood and the Ojos Negros Valley, California Juniper is softer and slightly sweeter than common Juniper, with delicate notes of pine.


Damiana brings us to the desert. Its rich essential oils protect the plant from the harsh desert climate, and it lends intense sweetness, herbal spearmint, and woody notes.



Pearl with crystalline shine.


Herbal and humid notes of juniper, damiana, sage with hints of licorice, seaweed, pine, white pepper and a floral and earthy finish.


Bold and layered, with intensely expressive herbal notes. Minerality is balanced with chamomile, spearmint and pepper. Earthy and floral with a fresh and slightly bitter finish.